CDC Agreement

致注册送彩金/To Customers

The current effective contract documents are listedbelow. Kindly select the documents based on the solution you have purchased andthe appropriate sales channel. “Direct” refers to purchases made directly fromCDC. “Indirect” refers to purchases made indirectly through authorizedpartners. The effective date of each contract document is indicated in thefooter of the document by “v.M-YYYY”, where “M” is the month and “YYYY” is the year.

目前有效的合同文件如下所列。请基于您所购买的解决方案及相应的销售渠道选择文件。“Direct”指直接从CDC处购买,“Indirect”指间接地从授权合作伙伴处购买。每一个合同文件的生效日期请见文件页脚”v.M-YYYY”, 这里“M”指代月份,“YYYY”指代年份。